A Review Of An Internet Web Hosting Service Provider

Choosing to get started on your own home based business is very exciting. After you make the decision to go for it you want to be working yesterday. Although there are decisions to be made. The first decision is what kind of home business to start? The second is who to choose as your Internet Web Hosting Assistance Provider? iPage Coupon 2018

With so numerous Internet Web Hosting Assistance Providers available which one do you decide to hand your money to? Some will tell you ” go with the absolute cheapest” and when you are only starting out that idea is very seductive. Unfortunately, when it comes to internet web hosting companies cheapest is not always the best answer. 

I wanted a service provider that was reliable. I needed a company that provided all the basics and then some. After looking for the right supplier, and testing out some of those “cheap as well as free” hosting companies I discovered the right company for me personally.

Host4Profit not only provided 800 MB Business Hosting Package with absolutely no setup fees or copy fees, they also offered unlimited POP Email medical data, Autoresponders, Mail lists/newsletters and email aliases. From your Control Panel you can see your site statistics, manage your mail, add FREE sub-domains and post your website to search engines with a click of a button.

With Host4Profit you can use their site creation tool, add page counters and password protect your web directories. They offer free WEB ADDRESS redirects, shopping carts, search engines and an online support manual.

Have this! They also will provide you with 4 earnings pulling websites that contain to your account FREE OF CHARGE! All you have to do is add your information in the places provided and the website will be made to bring you additional income.

Lastly, when you register with Host4Profit you also automatically become one of their affiliates. What will this mean? Well, you make your website and if you choose you can put a banner on your site advertising Host4Profit. You can advertise Host4Profit in an article or e-mail marketing. Regardless of how you promote them, any sales made through one of your affiliate marketing links will bring about you acquiring monthly $10. 00 commission for as long as your referral maintains their hosting account. Mentioning 50 new accounts will net you $500. 00 a month and there is no limit on the amount of money you can earn.