Are You A LinkedIn Lion?

Start networkers on LinkedIn tend to be called LIONs (an phrase for “LinkedIn Open Networkers”). LIONs seek to definitely enhance their connections by sending out and receiving connection invitations. see more

The Techniques Of A LION

Elephants, in general, accept invitations from anyone, so really relatively risk-free to bring a LION into your network. Most LIONs take pride in touting their specific number of contacts; it’s exactly like the way superstars compete to offer the most Tweets followers. 

The majority of LIONs believe bigger is better and this large systems lead to more opportunity.

How Do I Be a LION?

There is no official LinkedIn designation for a LinkedIn open online marketer. It’s an unofficial status coined by people inclined to hook up with anyone to grow their network as large as possible. The state LinkedIn response in the LinkedIn Help Middle is:

LION is a designation employed by several user-created groups and individual LinkedIn members to indicate a high level of interconnectivity to other LinkedIn people. This term is not endorsed by LinkedIn. When again, only hook up to people you understand and trust and only join organizations you want a message associated with. If you need info regarding any group’s purpose and/or philosophy, contact the discovered group owner in the Groups Directory site.

If you need to be known as a LinkedIn BIG CAT, you can add BIG CAT to the end of name in your account or in your account headline.

Drawbacks Of Getting a BIG CAT

Getting a LION can have its drawbacks. Unfortunately, with any website or online tool that gets popular, people start abusing the popularity. We’re now finding tricks on LinkedIn with fake LinkedIn profiles. Be aware if you receive an invitation from:

Someone who has no LinkedIn contacts. LinkedIn now warns those who don’t have links or if they are new to LinkedIn.
Information with no profile picture-one of my pet peeves, the incomplete profile
Information with company logos as their profile picture, which is a violation of the LinkedIn Terms of Service
Profiles with company names rather than an individual’s name. We hook up with individuals, not companies, on LinkedIn!
Profiles that use just a few names or symbols in their names so it looks machine generated
Information that contain an SEO-optimized name, a phone number, email, or their website WEB ADDRESS
Keyword-stuffed title or overview
Tend not to hook up with these people because it’s probably a machine-generated profile or someone who is not on LinkedIn for the best reasons. If someone is not willing to provide their complete name and fill out their complete profile properly, they are not fit for your network.

Connection Demand Etiquette

As your network grows, you will commence to obtain connection requests from people you don’t know. When you join groupings and participate in chats in that group, people will reach out to you with an request to connect. What when you do?