Automatic Transmission Changing Performance Standards

Good news was just announced that Mercedes appears to be expanding a nine speed computerized transmission, showing that the race to unveil new fuel efficient programmed gears with greater shifting velocity and smoothness continues. Monster Transmission

Mercedes previously introduced the 7G-Tronic, the first seven velocity computerized transmission, in the year 2003. The new nine acceleration transmission under development will offer you improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions over its seven speed model. It could possibly premiere on the redesigned 2012 Mercedes S-Class.

This record of progress a 9 speed transmission follows on the news over the past year regarding discoveries on a new 8 speed computerized transmission. Drive line specialist ZF Friedrichshafen has attracted a lot of attention with its new eight speed programmed transmitting. Back in 2007, ZF declared that it experienced designed a new programmed transmission for passenger vehicles that was revolutionary in combining seemingly contradictory goals. 

Even though the new eight-speed has more equipment for increased acceleration it also achieves reduced energy consumption, thereby also lowering CO2 emissions. The extra gears were added in the ZF eight-speed without adding any extra weight and without a go up in the size of the transmission. ZF boasts that its eight acceleration programmed transmission saves 11-percent fuel consumption over it is second generation six rate model that entered development in 2006.

The equipment options offered with the new ZF programmed 8-speed transmission for passenger automobiles have been described as “trend-setting. ” The transmitting has been developed in such a way that it is a flip system for additional starting and all-wheel concepts without changing the basic transmission idea. This design allows a torque converter to be replaced by new handbags or to be overlooked completely when an built-in starting clutch is used.

The new transmission is designed to be appropriate with ZF all-wheel ideas and with the possible hybridization of the drive line in mind. The programmed 8-speed transmission offers the likelihood of implementing both a micro hybrid with a crankshaft starter electrical generator and an entire hybrid in the form of a parallel hybrid, thereby masking all the currently known hybrid functions.

Chrysler Group LLC has accredited the manufacturing rights to start out building the eight speed tranny from 2013 and has contained in its agreement purchasing transmissions made by ZF. Chrysler Group has declared that it is going to invest 300 dollar million in the existing transmission manufacturing facilities in Kokomo, Indiana to allow for development of the new fuel-efficient eight speed programmed transmitting for use in future Chrysler vehicles.

Likewise, Audi has announced that their 2011 line-up will feature an eight speed transmitting in the all-new A8 and updated Q7 and is aiming to render about 70-percent of the sales volume with the new eight speed computerized transmission. In China, the marketing of China’s first eight speed transmission, developed by Shengrui Transmission Corp., Ltd., was just launched earlier completely. It is the first front engine front drive, eight acceleration computerized transmission in the world.

The general public is well aware of the push by car manufacturers to develop the hybrid and the electric car to move on fuel efficiency and improve environmental impacts, but is not as aware of the other developments that contain been ongoing within the last decade to change and increase the performance of their vehicle’s transmission.