Bodybuilding 101 – Beware the Disappearing Ads

I used to be flipping through and old copy of my favorite muscle magazine when We noticed something. Steelcut Testosterone review

Disappearing advertising.

No I am not talking about something away of a science fictional movie where aliens dominate muscle magazines. 

What I actually is talking about is how many advertising for various supplements were no longer appearing in the magazines.

I know chances of new companies making it are low, but for all you completely new or almost new bodybuilders-learn a lesson from this.

If the supplement sounds too good to be true-it usually is.


Your other bodybuilders will give the product a try-but when the results simply do not come-they will get dropped.

And then they will slowly disappear from the magazines.


When you see an ad for a few wonder supplement, take a step back and before purchasing do a little detective work.

Take a look at the products website, does it look professional or does it look like something that was done fast-to take good thing about a new pattern in supplements.

Next, see if you can find out what year the corporation was started-to be fair, not all new companies are bad, but if a company as existed for a few decades chances are it is doing something good.

Great step to take is to think about some of the popular bodybuilding sites.

Check to see if anybody has posted a comment about the particular supplement you are interested in, of course, if nobody has, do not be worried to post yourself and ask about this.

Of course, if all you find is negative comments or results you probably will want to steer clear of said supplement.


If all the comments are over-the-top positive-well that sends up and red flag as well.

Lastly, use your practical; deep down you know that donning pounds of rock hard muscle takes time-sadly lots and lots of your time.

But these are the facts.

For that reason, if this wonder health supplement is promising you substantial gains-in weeks-chances are it is far from worth the money.


Sadly, almost all of the supplements you see in popular bodybuilding magazines are actually not worth the money.

The basics, like hard training, and plenty of proteins, clean carbs, and healthy fats, has worked for a long time and will continue to work.

Therefore the next time you think about spending cash on a new wonder bodybuilding supplement-think 2 times.

Your wallet will appreciate you.