Can You Recover Lost Data After Formatting Windows?

Although formatting Windows, you might have data loss. You must try for the best way to retrieve the lost data after formatting windows operating system. You generally format the drive when the hard drive is brand new or when you are planning to install operating system or when the system is corrupt or afflicted with virus. We will make things clear; firstly, restoration of data that is lost due to hard drive formatting is still recoverable until any new data is over written on it. Secondly, data lost due to the reasons can be restored.

When you format a hard disk drive, the file system necessary for storing data takes demand of a hard storage drive. The file-system creates data table and other required sections for management of data. 

Is format necessary?

Corrupt operating system, missing Windows boot data files, files infected with disease, install new software, or you want to upgrade the operating system are a couple of the scenarios where you want your whole body issues to be rectified. One of the ways to do this is by installing the operating system again i. e., formatting the hard disk drive. If you reinstall the system after formatting the same drive, you may well not come across loss of data. Nevertheless, the process could lead to formatting of all the drives if you accidentally select that option. This could cause reduction of data from the hard drive. Nevertheless, as pointed out in move forward by making use of windows data restoration software you can access all the lost data.

Recover data lost while formatting

You need to spot good windows data recovery software to restore lost or corrupted data. Connect the hard drive from which data need to be recovered as a slave to another hard drive or healthy system. Let this drive of the second system be your primary hard drive. Install the glass windows recovery software to the primary drive. Follow the instructions, step by step to recover lost data.

Never restart the computer or install any new software to the hard drive from which you have lost data. This kind of will cause the past data getting over written and causes everlasting damage of data.

At all times use reliable record recovery software to restore the drive form data loss. Estimate the demonstration version, explore the features, analyzing reviews about the product, contacting customer attention of the software author are some of the ways to check the credibility of the software product.