Canon Cameras Overview

Whenever we think of cameras, the essential thing that comes to head is often Canon video cameras. This is because Several cameras have the most advanced technology behind them and have become interchangeable with top-quality. Canon ixus

Company Record

The Canon company experienced its modest beginnings in a laboratory that was set up in a tiny apartment in Roppongi, The japanese in 1933 by Goro Yoshida and Saburo Uchida. Their main objective was to produce a Japanese people camera that would compete with the highly-advanced German video cameras. Their research was loaned by Takeshi Mitarai. 

In 1934, they produced Japan’s first prototype of a 35mm camera with a focal plane shutter. Goro Yoshida called it ‘Kwanon’, after the Buddhist empress of mercy. In 1935, the Hansa Canon camera made its debut in the market and so was born the Cannon brand.

In 1950, Takeshi Mitarai, the first leader of Canon, create a modern factory in Shimomaruko, Tokyo and in 1955 Canon made its way in to the global market with the establishment of their office in New You are able to City. In 1957, the company appointed Canon Continente europeo in Geneva, Switzerland, as the sole distributor for Europe. As Canon started out to diversify into the office equipment market, it changed its name from Canon Camera Co., Incorporation. to Canon Inc. in 1969.

Ixus Compact Camera Range

With its small digital cameras, Canon’s target is to generate devices that are as light and as thin as it can be, yet carry enough features and functions to attract the amateur photographer. The Ixus range of cameras have stylish designs and come with ultra-thin metallic body which can fit easily into a handbag or jacket, and can be easily retrieved. They come with not many manual settings so they can be ideal for many who are more enthusiastic about taking a clear photograph rather than in taking a perfect shot.

SLR Camera Selection

With the ever-growing demand for digital SLR cams, Canon has on give you a range of SLR video cameras from simple basic level digital cameras to high-end professional digital cameras with buttons and features that will stun even the most expert dépanneur.

Canon’s most basic cams in the entry level range would be the T3 and XS dSLR cameras. These kinds of come with plastic body shapes and are quite small , and light. The T3 is one up on the XS as it can shoot HD videos. Equally these cameras do not perform well in darker conditions but are sufficient to focus on the amateur photographer.

The semi-professional Canon SLR cameras include the T3i and the 60D models, which are created from more solid materials than the entry level ones and are thicker and heavier. They are composed of metal components and with their more advanced image processors and higher resolution sensors they are able to produce better shots in poor lighting conditions.

At the top end of the Canon digital SLR camera range are the 5D Mark III and the 1D Mark IV. The quality of their images and their HD videos is unmatched and they have tremendously long enduring bodies. Canon cameras have much more to offer to the amateur and the professional photographer and these are simply a sample of their excellent variety of cameras.