Do You Need IDX for Your Real Estate Website?

No doubt you’ve come across many articles, bloggers, and some internet marketers saying you do not need IDX on your real house website. Their reason is that the top twelve real estate websites contributed by Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor. com, account for about half of all website visitors, and therefore, it is “useless” and “a waste of money” to try to compete with them. website

The term IDX gets thrown around a lot. When people notice IDX, they automatically think it’s just home hunt for your real estate website. While property search is the key component of IDX, many don’t realize how to utilize it to the fullest and the valuable lead-generating tools it provides. 

Besides providing home search on your website, I’ll describe some reasons why IDX is a must-have for any real estate website.

“Product” of Your Organization

When speaking to real estate pros, I always make this analogy. As a real estate professional, you are a business. You can imagine} your real house website as your “store”. The MLS listings on your website are your “inventory”. The listings are all the products which exist in your “store” where visitors can search around and buy. What happens when you have somebody visit your “store” but you have zero product to offer? That person would do just what you and We would do… leave and go somewhere otherwise where there is an item to look at and possibly purchase.

These are generally valuable leads you will be losing if you may have IDX on your real estate website. If you do not are solely creating business on referrals, your website (store) must have IDX (product).

You Can Build Listing Webpages

IDX offers you usage of all the hundreds to thousands of listings in your MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE. Like I stated earlier, this is your inventory, and it’s like having hundreds of products on your website.

Accessing all the listings, you can create listing pages that give attention to specific search criteria. Pertaining to example, you can make a listing page that shows all listings under a specific price. Or perhaps you can create a listing page that shows listings in a specific subdivision, area, community, or school district. These position pages provide an improved experience for users in that they help direct your real estate readers to listings they are looking for. Even more valuable is the fact these listing pages are search engine friendly which is actually I will speak about next.

Generate Leads from Yahoo Search

All your IDX internet pages that a platform provides are SEO friendly and are indexed by Yahoo, Bing, and all other major search engines. This kind of means all the list pages within the IDX system are indexed by Google and is an outstanding source of organic and natural leads. For instance, for one of our clients, we created an IDX site that displays homes for sale in the institution district of Squires General.

Look at what happens when you Google

“Homes available Squires Elementary University District”

Yes, our customer using our website with IDX is ranked #1 out of just one, 640, 000 Google search results above Zillow and Realtor. com!

With IDX you can build hundreds of these real property listings pages and all of them will look online search results! Perform you still think you can’t compete with Zillow?

Platform and Tools for Your Customers

IDX is much more that just property search for your real estate website. A large number of oversee or are ignorant of the valuable tools that you will be providing to your clients. IDX takes your real estate website to the next level by providing a platform for your clients. Your site visitors can create a free account right on your real estate website to utilize the IDX tools such as keeping favorite listings and favorite searches. It’s an experience that your clients expect and can always come backside to.