Dragons Celts and Druids

There is also a certain cosmic sensibility to the myths and stories of the Celtic people. A sense of things being bigger than they seem. Power flows under the skin worldwide to the Celtic mind, accessible along the path of dragons and the mouth area of stones. It was the Druids who could see it, interpret it for their brother-Celts, stick to the lines of power and possess them where to build their villages and sanctified places. Dragon Stones & Zeni Generator

A Mystery
The Celts are a secret nevertheless. They once ranged through the width and width of Europe, from the forests of Germany to the hills of Upper Italy. Their greatest attention was perhaps in Ireland, Ireland and England. The Celts of Great The united kingdom are what many modern people think of when they hear the phrase ‘Celt’. But in real truth, they were a people who spread from one end of ancient European countries to the other, and they left their draw stamped after the face of the continent, though they themselves are removed now, generally. 

Druids and Dragons
Druids and Celtic dragons, one the other side of the or maybe hand, are more familiar to the modern head. What do you think of, when you listen to the term ‘druid’? A robed figure, mistletoe in a single hand, a scythe in the other, standing more than a stone piece and a screaming patient. Horror films have a lot to answer for in conditions of our understanding of the strategy of the Druid. Actually, druids were the priests and seers of the Celts. Druids engaged the cosmic on a daily basis, pitting their knowledge against the raw push of the mystic efforts which the Celts assumed permeated their lands. That they would concentrate on the best places to until the soil or mill stone or build a home, and show their people the places to best avoid. Too, they had a strange romantic relationship with the concept of the dragon.

Dragons, while commonly looked at as fire-breathing marauders, were, to the Celts, indicators of places of great power. Where dragons trod, mystic energy ran, and where they laired where invariably places of great sanctity and magical harmony. While dragons were dangerous, they were also indicators of fertility, of life. ‘The Path of the Dragon’ was the Celtic term for ejemplo lines. And ley lines, for the uninitiated, were the stretches of marvel power which criss-crossed the land. Druids hunted these lines, to make a ley lines map for their people, instructing these to build their temples and homes along the lines to be able to harvest the energies.

Dragons, Druids and Celts are typical inextricably associated by the bands of power. For the Celt, dragons, though deadly, and frightening, represented the extension of life and health. They were omens of your good harvest, of a year of plenty. And the Druids were the ones who found the dragons and interpreted their meaning for a given band of Celts. For these ancient peoples, everything hummed and sparked with the lightning of the gods. Where dragons walked, the lightning was visible, and where Druids indicated, the lightning was controllable for the good of the Celtic people.