Ergonomics and Production

The concept of production is to take work and break it into simple and repeatable task which can be performed with precision by the same set of operators. In the event that the workstation and job are not designed properly the worker will be subjected to safety and health risk. Companies sometimes choose to ignore infractions due to cost. The IE should be aware of problems and work with management to fix them as quickly as possible. ergonomic engineering


This place is what sets professional anatomist apart from the other engineering disciplines. The WEB BROWSER undergoes several courses in psychology and social technology to help them understand some of the work place dynamics involved in managing people. In addition, it helps them develop effective methods of dealing with these problems. Other areas of concern for the WEB BROWSER are who are required, is the job designed appropriately (Ergonomics), is the procedure safe, what degree of pay should paid for the effort, etc. 

Manpower Requirements

To comprehend the manpower necessity significant amounts of time study and motion study activity will need to occur. Depending on the company’s plans for setting work requirements one of many methods will be chosen. Typical time review or predetermined time systems(PTS) MTM, MOST, GSD.

Establishments Structure

The IE will also be responsible of laying out the equipment and material storage locations for the plant. The key part of the research is how things will flow through the increased. You don’t want the parts to travel any further then they must. Traveling is a form of waste that needs to be minimized. This kind of were Lean Manufacturing or Kiazen comes into play.


The IE will be looking at the amount of time it will take to system the equipment, the cycle time of the equipment, the quantity of operators required, the foot-print size, the electric power requirements, as well as the ergonomic design. The IE needs to incorporate the equipment in a production environment. In case the machine runs too fast then a company is buying excessive capacity that may well not manage to be used. If the machine runs to sluggish then the company is injecting a bottleneck into the system. The logjam will regulate the end result of this part of the system. These are the kinds of considerations that the IE goes through during the selection of a machine.


Requirements are set using people that are aware of the job and people who have mastered the skills required to perform the position. If perhaps other individuals are heading to be expected to perform at this level then they will need to be trained.