Get Moving! Now Is The Time To Optimize Your Website For The Mobile Internet Revolution

If you think about how internet communication has evolved over the last 3 years, the technology which can’t be ignored are mobile devices; phones and tablets are not only common place now, they may have become essential items. Zong Internet Packages

The net has advanced and left the bounds of the computer and laptop, now moving into our pockets, following all of us wherever we go.

Here are several statistics published recently which show just how important mobile web is to all people these times.

50% of adults in the US now own a cellular phone or tablet.
Generally there are already over 2 hundred million mobile internet readers in the US only.
55% of mobile telephone users, access the internet using their phones or tablets.
Nearly 20% of cellphone users browse, shop and research on the internet employing their phone or gadget.
Here’s another very significant statistic:

Over 70% of searches done on a mobile device cause an action by the person, elizabeth. g. A purchase, a web link share, a comment, a re-tweet and so on.

Yes, you understand where this is heading – Portable SEO Nirvana!

This previous statistic is among the most exciting and holds the very best potential for anyone enthusiastic about SEO. Portable internet use, its development and our dependence after it is creating an incredible opportunity for business owners to advertise themselves and access customers in real time, exactly when they are needed.

Gone are the days when people say, ‘Oh, I must look that up when I get home. ‘ Let’s face it, we don’t even need to say, ‘Oh, I must Google that. ‘ Certainly not anymore! All we need to do is decide on up our very ingenious, oh so intelligent, smart phones.

So as SEO professionals and online business owners, just how can we position ourselves to consider good thing about this growing golden opportunity? And how can we drag into court to boost our SEO activities?

The first thing we recommend is the fact you take some time to understand how mobile technology works, how it is employed and why we use it. This kind of sounds like an intensive task, but in conditions of your business goals and aspirations, it is important to understand user behaviors. If you give yourself this foundation of understanding, your Mobile SEO strategy will be far more effective.

Check your stats and pay attention to how many people are accessing your site via mobile devices.

Have a look at your site with a mobile device; is it mobile friendly? You’d be better with surprised how many websites out there are still not iOS or Android friendly!