Himalayan Salt Lamps Give a Unique Christmas Gift

Himalayan rock salt is extracted by hand by local families who live at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Mining by hand prevents large level damage to the pile and ensures that the local people gain from the mining and advertising of the rock sodium.

Himalayan Rock Salt the natural way absorbs water then when softly warmed from a typical light bulb the moisture in the rock salt is evaporated. During the process of becoming dry the rock salt exchanges hazardous positively charged ions in the air with negative ions creating a natural ionizing effect. This boosts air quality and eliminates harmful elements and scents from the air. http://www.ledzlamp.com

Himalayan Salt Lamps are simply perfect for removing the build up of positive ions in the air caused by modern technology. Put one next to your computer or laptop to improve air quality that help you concentrate better. They are really perfect in the bedroom to improve quality of air for an improved evenings sleep and is used as a night light for in children’s rooms. 

Furthermore they look absolutely beautiful when alight. That they give off an attractive reddish colored pink glow which has a resemblance to the glowing embers of a fire and this adds a wonderful warm relaxing atmosphere to any room. It is also wonderful to feel that they are also cleaning the air for you concurrently.

So for me Himalayan Salt Lamps make the prefect Christmas gift idea to decorate and increase the air and atmosphere of any home. You can buy lamps, tea lights flames bowls and many designed shapes to suit almost any room.