Indian Army – Fighting The Battle Within

American indian Army has always recently been a trademark of Self-control, Sincerity and Brave Frame of mind – whether it be about busting the brutal enemy on the hills of Kargil or playing a critical role in UNO Peacefulness Keeping Force. how to join Indian army

Sadly though, the army is heading through a rough spot today. In this age of Globalisation, it is faced with a new enemy, which doesn’t come from across the edges but residing within the minds of its fearless soldiers. This new adversary is STRESS – stress to serve their country on borders on one side and stress to feed their family on the other side. Furthermore, they have to live far away from their families longer period of time, which sometimes show disastrous on their mental strength. 

For an example, if we look carefully at the recent hands leak scams. It shows the sort of turbulence that is going within the armed service fraternity. Today, the normal soldiers are finding difficult to motivate themselves when it comes to offering their country since they are not getting the sort of appreciation that they truly deserve. Furthermore, the modest salaries that they are getting are also driving them towards crimes like spying for other countries who pay handsome amount to extract sensitive information from them.

Another blatant issue is the capturing incidents which may have increased quite substantially in recent years. Within the last week, 4 army men have been killed by their own fellow men in Kashmir only. Besides, committing suicide by a women gift recently has also shown that one needs some urgent reforms within the army to maintain the integrity and the a harmonious relationship within its ranks.

The first and the primary issue which should be resolved is to supply them with enough financial and other benefits. Although, it holds true that armed service gets essential commodities at very less prices but there is also aspects where it needs facilities that a normal resident gets. For ex., increased quantity of schools and schools, especially around those neighborhoods from where bulk of the army men come. Further clearing my point, children of army men must find the good education to ensure that they grow up into proud sons and children of their deserve deserving fathers.

Secondly, is to impart army with wide range skills. Most of the army men join military at an extremely young era and probably most of them are starving of studies that would like to complete. Hence, every soldier must be regularly feed with initial courses across various areas to broaden their mental capacities and enhance their skills.

Army has always been packed with great commanders who led their battalion with an example. This kind of exemplary behavior should be viewed more often in military these days. The leader of a group, team, or a battalion must worry for its sub-ordinates – be it their personal issues or their professional needs. By forwarding their caring hands, stress levels within the army can be reduced substantially and you can again seen troops using their head held high guarding the country boundaries.

I am just twenty-four year old and not recently been to border in my life. However seeing my dear army friends disregarding down under stress has teared me from within. That is why I actually is here to dog pen down my thoughts. I really do not know how right or wrong I have always been but I know that you have got some better ideas than I wrote. All it takes is some time to tone of voice your concerns. Friends!! Get some of your time and share your views how can we help our fellow army men who keep 24X7 caution on the borders to provide us sunny days to relish and calm nights to rest.