Is This God? The Dude in the Clouds?

Understand how almost all of us feel that because we know something, everyone does? Wrong! My spouse and i savor my out-of-the field thinking. Still I neglect that everyone does not think the way I really do. Darn good thing you might say.

Listed below are my latest thoughts on Goodness, one of my favorite topics.

In spite of all of the terminology about God and what was drummed into my head as a child, my God is not the things i read elsewhere. My thoughts and yours might be similar, but I feel the requirement to share. I would want to hear what you think. 

I had been taught about Our god as well as Erlöser in Sunday School, a place I frequented when I couldn’t step out of it. Probably because mother and father wanted to come back to bed undisturbed. The bad news was that God was trumped up as a gigantic version of perfection in male form. That’s the initial thing that failed to engage in.

God was also someone, a person of sorts, bigger than life, who seemed to stay in the clouds. Once I actually moved to California in midlife, I snickered in private over my thought that God was the Dude in the Atmosphere.

The things i needed to know about The Dude was that, apparently, He never judged, yet if you didn’t watch out, “justice would dominate. ” There looked like there was that wagging finger definitely aiming at me so that I did or did not do.

I lived with this mental conundrum for years racking your brains on how was I likely to surrender my hopes and wishes to The Dude? Where the daylights was He anyway? May I expect from this person of sorts to whom I didn’t know apart from by hearsay? Not only that, but He arrived with a huge set of do’s and don’ts. And, I had been supposed to love Him.

My response to that was please expose Him to me first in a form We can accept before I actually can pledge my immortal love.

Thanks to the genius of the Portion Physicists and their ultra high-powered microscopes, we now have the Quantum Discipline. For the first time a theory was offered that my mind could trust. A theory that felt right. It jived with my level of intelligence as well as my limited logical sense.

Presently you know as well? nternet site do, that the Physicists have learned an all-encompassing field of particles stuffed with information, which they call the Quantum Field, or The Field for short. Occasionally it is called The Intelligence.

Could The Cleverness be the dude called God? For me, this is a fascinating and empowering way to look at God. This The almighty is sexless. This energy is within and without. It is in demand of you and My spouse and i to create a new life, moving into our benefits of The Power.