Little League Digest – Proper Baseball Swing Mechanics and the “Belly Button” Rule of Hip Turn

Minor league Digest: Baseball Playing baseball Coaching Tips: Teaching Hip Turn Mechanics and Producing use of the “Belly Button” Rule to enhance Football Swing Quality

The sides play an important part in the baseball golf swing process. The turn of the hips helps to generate power and baseball bat speed. There are several important coaching points about the involvement of the hips in the golf swing. The “B” rule is great way to coach young players the level of hip turn on various pitch locations. This kind of article presents several mentoring points and explains the “B” rule. Baseball Swing Mechanics

Here are 10 Coaching Points related to Hip Movement Technicians:

1. The degree of hip movement is identified by the location of the pitch. 

2. The hips must turn more when hitting an inside pitch.

3. The body will turn less when hitting a pitch away.

4. The hips should not move before the hands and bat.

5. To free the knees, the back foot must spin, rotate or convert onto the toe.

6th. The hips follow the barrel. The hips should open behind the barrel or clip, not before it.

six. Premature front side or hip movement will cause a batter to move the head and draw of pitches.

8. The proper hip movement is a spin. Lunging or slipping the hips forward is not acceptable.

9. The hip movement should be a thrust or fast rotation. The faster the rotation of the body, the faster the bats speed.

10. The level of hip rotation can be taught by coaching the “Belly Button” value as explained below.

The “Belly Button Rule” is explained as the next:

The Belly Button should stick to the barrel of the bat through the hockey swing process. The location of a pitch can determine hip turn. The level of hip turn decides where the belly button is pointing when the batter finishes the snowboarding swing. The belly button should always finish in a position that factors toward the direction in which the baseball was hit.

For example, when a ball is strike to the opposite field, the batters “Button” should point or be targeted the opposite field when the swing is completed. If a batter drags an inside pitch, the belly button should stick to the ball and point toward the direction in which the ball was strike.

Coaching Point: For right and left handed batters, if the ball is hit through the package, in the middle, the abdomen button should “shine” or point toward second basic when the swing is complete. For right presented with batter, is a ball is pulled, the tummy button should finish aiming toward third base. In the event that a right handed mixture hits the baseball down the right field series, the button should point toward first base when the swing is done. If a left handed down batter pulls the snowboarding, the hips should change completely and the button should finish pointing at first base. If a left handed batter visitors the ball to kept field, the hips should turn less and the belly button should finish off the swing pointing the 5-6 hole or between 3rd and 2nd basic.