New 2009 Free Proxies – The Search For Anonymity

We don’t know if you have ever noticed, but there is an ongoing and frequently almost frenzied search for new 2009 anonymous unblock proxies on the internet. Really not necessarily surprising 2009 brings with it even more surveillance pressures on liberty of speech – and that’s just from our governments. Link that in with Identity thieves and data hackers and it feels like you have an audience whenever you surf the web. proxy list

The reason why people need to keep finding new proxies is that because they seem to be to offer some trust of being anonymous on the internet. They do to some degree, you point your browser at one of the proxies, your IP address is not logged on any site you visit and cannot easily be traced back. 

Really only a tiny part of real anonymity though, for a start 99% of your web browsing happens in clear text (through HTTP) and so is easily accessible at any time up to the proxy (including being logged with your address at your ISP by regulation for most places). So most likely not really anonymous to anyone in addition to the web server you visit and only then if the new proxy server you find is designed correctly.

The real reason that these new unknown proxies are so kind after is because the latest ones are usually extremely slow and overloaded. That is hardly surprising as the majority is either hacked servers with proxies installed on them or maybe incorrectly left open by an administrator.

They are soon overloaded by every special offer seeking anonymous surfer and are usually withdrawn soon after. Even worse you tend to be funneling your entire data with a server run by a hacker, they consistently install sniffers and programs which extract any accounts and account names being sent by the proxy server. So do you home a favour , nor use these new 2009 free proxies unless you’re very sure who runs them and can be respected.

If you would like to read about some of my ideas on using free unknown proxies and how you can surf without being spied on, try the link below, from there you can also try out a demo of the most secure, superior web browsing product available anywhere.