Ninja Games Online – The Lone Ninja

Single Ninja is a free online ninja game that is designed by Internet Express Studio. The overall game features many enemies that wear a straw hat. That they carry a spear and walk from left to right throughout the overall game. Strangely enough, the computer handled opponents in this ninja game will not battle back when attacked; instead, they will just continue moving left and right. Shadow Fight 2 Coins & Gems Generator

The storyline of Only Ninja started that the land is ruled by wicked magician, called shogun for several centuries. The evil magician uses his dark power to suppress the folks. The people were living in dire straits because the magician treated them with cruelty. Anyone that rebelled against the bad magician would be wiped out by him. It happens that a lone ninja is bold enough to challenge the sorcerer, Shogun. The lone ninja would travel every capital to succeed in Shogun’s palace. The objective of the lone ninja is to destroy the reign of sorcerer Shogun. 

The character in this free ninja game is manipulated by the key boards. To maneuver to the departed, you must press A. If you want to move to the right, you should press Deb. If you want shed down, you must press the S button. The shadowstep is performed by pressing the Spacebar. The shadowstep allows you to move faster than normal. If you want to jump, you must press the W button. To throw a specific thing against an enemy, you can point to the enemy and click on the kept button on the mouse button.

The shadow dash allows you to dash across the enemies. You can perform the shadow sprinkle even if you are standing up on the earth or suspending in midair. To hold from a wall, you must click on the wall. You should press the button on the mouse for as long as you want to hang from a wall structure. If you want to leave go, you can press W. When you want to attack an enemy, you can click on the enemy to throw weapons against it.

You can purchase three levels including easy, medium, and hard. The simple mode will have lesser enemies to enable you to win the amount easily. If perhaps you choose the hard mode, you will be face with a whole lot of enemies. For the enemy touches the figure, the smoothness will blink for a while. You should attempt to avoid the opponents but not let them touch you.

The bar is located on the top left corner of the screen. Every player will start with five lives. If you are slain by the enemy, you’ll be return to the level and play from the beginning. The amount of armor is represented by the blue icon located on top of the screen. When fighting with an enemy, be sure to no longer go to near. In any other case, the enemy will hurt you.

If you no longer want to use the normal controls, you can click the controls options to customize the controls. The control option is located on the top kept corner in the display screen. You will be able to customize all the controls including jump, move left, slide/drop down, move right, and shadow sprinkle.