Online Movie Rental Reviews – How Does Blockbuster Compare to Netflix?

Since Blockbuster tries to capture up with it’s main competition, Netflix. It truly is which makes it even simpler to rent films online. yesmovies

In 2004, Successful started offering customers the own service for online movie rentals. Before that, to rent movies online could only be done through Netflix who was doing a lot better than bricks and mortar type rental stores. 

For example, Hollywood Online video, which was once considered an innovator in the industry, has seen really business go down since online movie rentals arrived along.

Lucky for Successful, they were capable of conform to the changing scenery of the online movie rental business fast enough in which to stay business.

What does Successful offer that the others don’t? Today, it’s Netflix that has to do a couple of catching up to Successful. Blockbuster customers can hire on Blu-Ray at no expense. Netflix charges extra in this benefit.

The other major advantage Blockbuster has over Netflix is the brick-and-mortar stores. While traditional stores seemed at first to be an out-dated handicap for those looking for movies to rent, today Blockbuster markets their stores as a great perk that Netflix noesn’t need.

And really true: with 7, 500 stores in 21 countries, Blockbuster makes it easy to come back videos locally.

So when a customer feels like renting a show for the weekend but doesn’t want to head out to the store, they can rent online from Blockbuster, then drop it by the store on their way to work on Monday early morning.

Blockbuster also offers one more benefit over Netflix: game rentals. Netflix offers its customers only films and television set shows, and although it has lots of these, it still does not offer video games.

Blockbuster’s inventory has long included video gaming, so it was a natural choice to include game rentals when Blockbuster started offering online movie rentals.

To hire 1, 2 or 3 movies in the past costs the same. The fixed regular charges are $8. 99, $13. 99 and $16. 99.

Do these benefits make Blockbuster the choice than Netflix? That will depend on on your perspective. If perhaps you’re a Blu-ray owner, then yes, it’s better to rent movies online from Blockbuster.

If if you’re a gamer, then certainly, it’s better to lease movies online from Successful.