Plastic Gift Cards – Aren’t They All The Same?

Inside the previous couple of years, plastic gift idea greeting cards and loyalty cards have exploded onto the American marketplace. They have become outrageously favored by millions of patrons of restaurants, price tag stores, spas & beauty parlors, movie theaters, grocery stores, etc., and so on If you are a merchant and want to make a good, prepared decision on what varieties of cards are best to get for your business, read on. plastic gift cards

First, you have to decide precisely most important to you. For example, is appears and strength very important to you or is price? What is your application for using the cards… as surprise greeting cards, loyalty cards, cash credit cards, promotional cards or all the above? 

If your answer is gift idea playing cards and an attractive, eye-catching cards is a must, then you better be buying a card printer who can print you customized, 31 mil thick, laminated PVC plastic cards. They are noticeably the best looking and best feeling greeting cards on the market. Therefore, they are the most popular. Due to their popularity over the past few years, the values have come down. So you do not have to pay too much of a premium for these people either… and sometimes none by any means! Nevertheless if your budget is extremely tight, you might see if you can get by with laminated paper core cards or styrene cards. Although more affordable, they may have their down sides. Laminated newspaper cards don’t have as good of your appearance and feel as laminated PVC plastic cards. Styrene credit cards are going to be a bit more expensive, but have a closer appearance and feel to PVC cards. Unfortunately, since they usually are not laminated, they don’t have that nice shiny look and feel like laminated PVC cards do.

In the event your answer is commitment cards, you had better stick with laminated PVC. They not only look the best, nonetheless they also have the strength you need for a devotion card. It will keep looking nice in your patron’s wallet or handbag swipe after swipe after swipe for years to come. UV (ultra-violet) layered cards and styrene greeting cards will consider pretty unpleasant in a short time considering they are not protected with a laminate. But really not merely the lamination that counts. It’s what’s inside too. For example, newspaper core cards, while laminated, still don’t hold up and feel anywhere around as good as laminated PVC cards. Their corners aren’t as smooth and they fray after repeated use. You can pry away from each other the edges of the lamination. Of course, if you ever wanted to switch card processing distributors, laminated paper core greeting cards may not be re-encoded like all other cards.

If your answer is cash greeting cards, see “If your answer is loyalty cards” section. The same applies.

Finally, if your answer is promotional cards, you have far more freedom here. If perhaps you have a good gift idea & loyalty greeting card system which allows one to hand out or mail out promotional playing cards to your patrons, you can use basically whatever you want. If you would like to “wow” your customers, use the laminated PVC credit cards mentioned above tipped to an attractive mailer. If you want to keep your costs as low as possible, you can go away with either styrene mailers where you can click off of the bar-coded or magstriped card. Cheaper yet, you can print paper mailers that contain a bar-coded or magstriped paper card that can be cheated of the mailer and helped bring into your store(s). Whatever medium you use, marketing cards are a real money maker! If your present card system does indeed not allow for the processing of promotional greeting cards, go find the one that does indeed… preferably a pc-based system that allows you to own and control your own database of client information. That way, you can do card marketing promotions as often as you like to whomever you like.