Pressure Measurement Using U-Tube Manometer

A favorite very simple device used to measure the pressure is the U-tube manometer. The name U-tube is derived from its condition. manometry


Let me make clear you about the building about the u-manometer. This kind of manometer involves a Circumstance shaped tube in which the manometric liquid full. The manometer is employed to measure the pressure which is unknown by the balancing gravity force and acceleration due to the law of gravity, g = 9. 80 m/sec2 

The manometer involves a steel, brass and aluminum material. It has a glass tube made up of parallax cup. The graduations are made on the tube in conditions of mm or in some condition it is graduated in kilo Pascal.

Working to Figure out Pressure Measurement:
The mysterious pressure is applied in the one arm of the tube and the mercury in the pipe or manometric liquid loaded in the tube actions in the tube or rises to the regular region and then the movement is stopped. The height of the water is measured and observed. The pressure is worked out by using the formulation,

P1-P2 = Pmhg

The above equation is appeared by

P1 = Pthg = P2+Pmhg
P1-P2 sama dengan hg(Pt – Pm)

P1 = applied pressure
P2 = 0
Pt sama dengan specific gravity of the liquid or drinking water
g = acceleration due to gravity.
P1 – P2 is approximately equal to Pmhg.

Advantages of U-tube Manometer:

1 ) Straight forward in construction

installment obligations on your Low cost hence easy to buy.

3. Very accurate and sensitive

4. You can use it to solution other process variables.

Down sides of U-tube Manometer:

one particular. Fragile in construction.

2. Very sensitive to temperatures changes.

3. Error can happen while measuring the h.

Characteristics of the liquid used in U-tube Manometer:

1. Viscosity should be low.

2. Low surface tension is required.

3. The liquid should keep on the walls.

4. Should not get vaporized.