Proper Hair Care Routines For Men

A lot of all the information regarding hair care and style usually only provides women. This is probably because women are perceived to be more self-conscious and concerned about their hair than men. But of course, this does not by any means mean that men do not care about their hair at all. visit the post on

Below is an description of the fundamental hair treatment routine for men and excellent techniques how to look about this. 


Find out hair type. Before you can decide on the appropriate routine for caring for it, you first need to really know what type you have. The basic types of are dry, fatty and normal. If you have dry hair, which is usually a reaction to non-active oil glands, you will need to scrub your curly hair with a good moisturising shampoo and conditioner. You also need to possess a regular monthly hot oil treatment to give it a glossy shine.

For normal, it is enough to use an everyday shampoo and refresher. But since you have fatty hair, you need to find products that are specifically suitable for it.

Wash and Moisturizing hair product

Shampoo and condition the correct way. Using warm water, rainy hair and then apply a tiny amount of hair shampoo. Gently massage the hair shampoo with your scalp and then work your way down towards the strands. Wash it out thoroughly with tepid to warm water.

While for conditioning, you should also apply a tiny amount on nice hair after you are done shampooing it. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly, this time with cool drinking water to help close up the head of curly hair cuticles. Blot dry it with a soft bath towel. Avoid rubbing vigorously because accomplishing this can contribute to hair breakage and cuticle damage. Also, avoid cleansing your hair each and every day because this can strip hair off essential oils it needs to keep itself looking great and healthy.


Opt for brushing rather than brushing. Combing decreases damage and tangles. Work with a wide toothed brush to comb nice hair starting from the roots to the ends in a downward motion.

Hair Design

Do not overdo with styling products. Use hairsprays, gels, mousse or style sticks sparingly. Apply only a tiny amount. It is usually better to have a hair that moves and breathes rather than the one which is stuck perfectly onto your scalp. Make use of only high quality products that will be delicate enough.

Use high quality equipment like Corioliss frizzy hair straighteners. These irons are great since they are made of high standard materials and will not cause curly hair breakage or damage to your mane. Corioliss level irons are specifically useful if you wish to have long straight hair, which has been a common locks trend among men. Simply be certain that you understand the proper ways of using this equipment so you will be able to take full advantage of its efficiency.