Recipe For Hungarian Beef Goulash

Just about every country has one or more dishes that it is known for. In the case of Hungary, the country’s most famous dish is surely goulash, which is a form of heavy beef soup. Naturally, like many popular dishes, goulash has spread around the world, been adopted by people in many countries, and altered and tailored to suit local likes. As a result of this, many people are surprised when they first face goulash prepared in the Hungarian style. guláš

In Hungary, goulash, which is known as “guly? s” or “guly? sleves”, is a soup, and naturally not a stew. It is also not made using hamburger meat (the typical preparation in the us and Canada), but rather than using beef shank, shin, or shoulder. The Hungarian process for cooking goulash also differs from that of North America – although Americans and Canadians have a tendency to think of goulash as a fast and easy comfort food – the Hungarian version of the dish is made by slow simmering in a cauldron (“bogr? c”), usually over an open open fire. 

The critical first step to preparing Hungarian goulash is to cut the meat into chunks. The chunks of meat are then seasoned with sodium and pepper, and paprika added. The meat is then browned, chopped onions added, and next drinking water or stock. The combination is now slowly simmered. Throughout this stage, the collagen in the meat is inclined to use gelatin, and the soup little by little thickens. Depending on the exact recipe, other ingredients might also be added, such as some tomatoes, hot peppers and chopped potatoes. Herbs are usually used to taste the dish, and some vinegar or white wine beverages may also be added.