Secure Bike Parking Is Needed for Cycling Growth

Not enough secure bike racks or other bike parking options at desirable destinations is the prime reason people don’t ride their mountain bikes more, according to “Bicycle Parking Guidelines, 2nd Copy (2010)” from the Affiliation of Pedestrian and Bike Professionals. Consumers voiced this same top drawback in studies for the first edition in 2002. Along with that, bike cyclists say they need cycle parking at desirable places, including work, shopping and leisure.

The ever-growing positions of bicyclists will coated to more places, and the number if bike riders will grow even faster if businesses and other public places increase secure bike parking. A quantity of studies document development in bike riding; 

– Bike riders increased 53 percent in San Francisco between 2006 and 2009 in line with the San Francisco Bike Coalition

– The city of Sacramento, California, found the number of folks who commute to work on bicycles, the most determined cyclists, more than twice from 2000 to 08.

Bike theft is a major worldwide problem, so secure bicycle rack and other bike parking is essential.

At a traditional estimate, 1. 5 mil bikes may be taken in the United Claims each year in line with the Country wide Bike Registry. Studies in the United Kingdom, with more reliable figures, found that 440, 000 motorcycles are being stolen each year, and a Canadian insurance compilation found 100, 1000 bikes are being thieved


Police departments in almost every city and on every university grounds offer eight primary cycle security parking tips to prevent bicycle theft:

one particular – bike rack or bicycle-parking bollard is highly recommended; bike theft rates, and the likelihood of resulting vandalism to the structure, are much higher when using improvised motorcycle parking such as fencing, gates, parking meters, light poles or other set ups.

2 – Well-made cycle lockers are a new top choice, since the interior contents are generally not easily obvious to potential burglars.

3 – For wide open parking, bike racks or bicycle bollards should allow for three locks, one for each and every wheel plus a third for the body.

4 – Avoid situations in which a locking mechanism or chain could go to the ground, and stay smashed, or a cycle could be lifted off, such as over the head of your parking m or by removing a sign from a direction post.

5 – Make sure that cycle racks or bollards are securely fastened in to the earth, ideally with footings inserted into cement.

6 – Bicycle storage should be in a visible, well-lit area near an active access or as close as possible to the access or attendant unit in parking garages to keep eyes on stopped bikes; most thieves will not risk being seen fighting a bike lock in front of someone who may dial 911.

several – Because bicycles are often stolen from owners residences, police and security experts advise storing bikes inside the owners home. If that is not possible, they strongly recommend bike lockers, bike shelves or bicycle bollards being located inside garages or inside a condo, apartment or college or university dormitory building.

8 – At the very least, cyclists should lock the go to a fixed, immovable target; the one that cannot easily be cut, broken or removed.

Which has a vast supply of commercial bicycle storage systems available, buyers can be discerning using their product options. As site furnishings, motorcycle racks, bike bollards and bike lockers will need to stand the test of time.

– Potential buyers should look for products that are created using quality materials; they should be strong, durable, weather-resistant, and best of all, recyclable.

– Where galvanized or stainless bike parking products can be obtained, buyers should choose those first to help reduce future maintenance.

– Where galvanized or metal steel bike parking products are not selected, potential buyers should carefully check manufacturers surface warranties. Metal bicycle racks, bike bollards and bike lockers need to be carefully powdercoated, and should carry a guarantee specifically for the product coating

– As cycle parking numerous be expensive to acquire and install, ensure that a sound and secure installation is provided to avoid theft or premature failure of the car bike rack, motorcycle bollard or bike locker room mounting.