Step by Step Guide For Car Battery Replacement

Is actually easier than you think to replace an electric battery from a vehicle, and doing so can save you time, money and give you a feeling of well being. It will involve obtaining your hands filthy and because of all electricity involved there are a number of safety things to consider to prepare for. This kind of article aims to provide you with the knowledge to replace your car battery when and as safely as possible. mobile mechanic

Security measures

There is a massive amount of electricity that passes through a car battery and into the remaining car. Normal water and electricity don’t mixture very well therefore it makes sense to replace the battery in dry conditions. If it is raining the best place is in an automobile garage or not at all! 

Guarantee the déflagration is turned off as this will prevent electricity getting through it to your hands. It’s worthy of taking the keys out of your ignition and in your pocket at all times to prevent the engine from being turned on by someone else.

Even though not a safety tips as such, disposal of your old batter is an important portion of the replacement unit process. Take it to your nearest recycling centre and they will be able to ensure the recycled properly.

Car Electric battery Replacement Instructions

This really is a step by step guide, ensure you follow it from the very best to the bottom level and don’t miss away any stages

1) Separate the power supply by removing keys from the ignition. Keep them in your pocket at all times

2) Open hood and prop open. Guarantee its securely fixed in order that it will not likely fall down and cause injury during the procedure.

3) Disconnect both cables from the old electric battery and remove. Ensure that you remember which way round the battery sits down

4) Insert the new battery in the same position as the old battery and reconnect both connectors

5) Ensure power supply is secure and close bonnet

6) Start up your engine and start the automobile! Well done you’ve done it!