The Big Questions: God

Inside the 1960’s, it was proclaimed that ‘God is dead’, a sentiment I actually wholeheartedly agree with. The only problem is that in order for Our god to be dead, Goodness had to have persisted in the first place, and IMHO, God never existed and doesn’t can be found now. 99. 9% of all gods who ever were or conceived of (i. e. – Zeus) have been consigned to the rubbish bin as rubbish. It’s time to eliminate one more God into that bin. click here for more

1) Allow me start with the Concept or Nature of God: There’s something strange about God’s origin and behaviour. 

If God created the Universe, what, or who, created God? Who also is God’s mother basically? And if something or someone created God, what created that something or someone (and so on and so on)? Is actually an infinite regression. Is actually far much easier to believe the cosmos has always been with us though that doesn’t suggest our Universe didn’t have a point-in-time origin or beginning since an earlier universe can provide rise to another universe (like ours) in sequence.

Actually, I actually strongly suspect the answer to ‘who created Goodness? ‘ is fairly easy, probably downright evident in an intuitive kind of way. Humans created God in man’s image (and probably all other deities as well, including Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy), rather than the reverse – Goodness didn’t create humans in God’s image. [Actually, perhaps man was made in God’s image. Based upon the writings in the Legs, God should be identified as a dictator (‘thou will not… ‘) and a tyrant, a hypocrite (do? nternet site say, not as I do), someone whoms vain and petty, someone who sanctions numerous atrocities in His name (which if committed today would results in charges of war crimes), someone having cruel, jealous, nasty, raciest, and sexist, someone having totally up Himself, highly demanding and basically an all around SOB. Advise you of anyone you know, or know? ]

If birds have a deity, I’m sure their god would have a beak and feathers and go squawk (or more likely ‘gobble-gobble’). I think that humans have a quasi hard-wired need to believe in a something(s) that one can always fall back on to make clear and answer those unanswerable questions, as well as provide comfort for that ultimate question – the nature of loss of life and below on from that.

Anyway, if Goodness has always existed, then God’s infinitely old. In that case, an boundless timeframe had to move before His creation of our Universe – which is an absurdity. Just how is it that you exist for an unlimited amount of time and the get then all of a sudden get this bright idea or urge to produce an Galaxy? What was God doing the ‘day’ before s/he created our Universe? Maybe one answer is the fact God has always created universes, one after another after another – creating universes, that’s The lord’s thing! And if The almighty is infinitely old, then there must have recently been, or are, an boundless number of universes created and in existence.

Speaking of creation, and supposing just one Universe, which loads of00 Universe created just for little old us! Seriously, and then for example, if God created everything, then God came up with the planetoid Pluto (and associated moon). My own question is exactly what was the point of expending the resources to do that? All of us can’t see Pluto with the naked eye. In the event Pluto didn’t exist would anything on Earth be different? Pluto adds little or nothing to our quality of life (or lack of it) and presumably chant applies to any extraterrestrials in our solar system (assuming that Pluto and moon are uninhabited that is, and that is a pretty safe bet). Certainly you may argue that perhaps Pluto was impacted by a killer asteroid that otherwise might have hit all of us and therefore has damaged our quality of life. Then wouldn’t it have simpler on God not to have formulated Pluto and not created that asteroid as well? This kind of creation of things without relevance to the evident pinnacle of creation (the be-all-and-end-all of God’s efforts), that is to say, us, makes no sense. It’s sort of like buying pots and pots and pans, or a chess collection, for your dog goldfish. What would be the point? Further a field, we couldn’t see 99. 999% of the observable world, and 99. 999% of the observable universe has no bearing on our day-to-day existence. What’s the point then of developing all that extra 99. 999%?