The Key For a Successful Marriage

A week ago we celebrated the wedding of two young men and women in our church. We had the privilege of giving the wedding rollo. And my sermon My spouse and i distributed to them this time tested key for a successful marriage. This kind of might surprise you, but this time through examined key for an effective marital life is found in the Bible in Proverbs 18: 22. ler o livro casamento de sucesso

Carefully read with me what found in Proverbs 18: 22. “He who finds a better half finds a good thing, and obtains favor from god. ” I think it would become appropriate to turn the saying around in this way. “She who finds a husband finds a good thing… ” 

At this point you are most likely setting up this question to yourself. “What does this saying have to do with a successful marriage? very well This Proverb teaches all of us two important concepts about a successful marriage. I want to share them with you.

First, this Proverb shows us about the sovereignty of God in marital life.

A few with a successful marriage understands this important truth. God is the one who brought them together. Please understand you did not meet your partner by accident. Our god arranged all the info of life so that you might meet the other person and get married the other person.

If God helped bring you together then your spouse is a special surprise from our creator. And if your spouse is a gift idea from the Master then we have to treat them like a special surprise. Think what happens in America if people commenced to treat their loved one as a special gift idea from our creator.

Years in the past I ministered at a church in North Dakota. In the congregation there where several couples who celebrated their 50th loved-one’s birthday. Each of them had a happy relationship because they understood this important truth. God was your one who helped bring them together. They therefore treated the other person as a special surprise from the Lord. And this made a positive change in their matrimony.

Second, this Proverb educates us about the many advantages of God in matrimony.

Please understand that Goodness is one who created the idea of matrimony. And whatever God creates is good. Your matrimony is a great thing. And if someone puts down matrimony they are writing what God has called good. It’s that simple.

Now you could be frustrated with your partner. You may at this point wish you were never married to them. But please bear in mind this important truth. For anyone who is married then you have found a good thing. For whatever God creates is always good.

When ever couples come in my experience for help they often say this to me. “We just don’t like one another any more. inch I then ask them to list several things that at first attracted them to each other. While they list what formerly attracted these to each other, smiles usually fill their faces. Once again they realized that they have found an excellent in one another.


Next time you are frustrated with your marriage please remember these two important truths. First of all, remember the sovereignty of God in marriage. Our god is the one who brought you together. As a result treat one another as a special surprise from the Lord. Second, bear in mind the goodness of Goodness in marriage. You have found a good thing in one each other.

Dan Korzep is the teaching pastor at Religious Bible Church in Methuen, Ma. He has recently been in the ministry for thrity years. He has a BS in Sociology from Shepherd University, and a Master’s of Divinity from the Reformed Obispal Seiminary. He is wedded and has five children.

For years Dan has been helping couples improve or save their relationships. Dan is the creator of the forth arriving book “How to Save Your Marriage. “