The Real Cost of Uninsured Drivers

At present there are 1. 4 million uninsured drivers on Britain’s roads. As of the 20th June anyone who is the listed keeper of a car will be fined? 75 if they fail to insure their car, whether the car is being driven or not. Unless of course a car has recently been declared off road it will be an offence not to have insurance, and court action could be taken if the keeper fails to make sure the car even if they have paid the fine. MSRTC Driver Result 2017

The new rules has been put in destination to tackle the challenge of uninsured drivers, but will this be enough? Driver’s without insurance cost genuine motorists around? 30 doze months on top of their insurance premium- an estimated? 500 million. Ministers have suggested the change will allow police to concentrate their efforts on hard core offenders, those who drive unregistered autos. 

Only some uninsured drivers are hardened criminals though, most are just lazy, unaware or cash strapped. Latest research by moneysupermarket. por found that you in twelve motorists who drove without insurance succeeded because they couldn’t be bothered to arrange cover. Six percent said there was no point in getting their automobile insurance as they would not crash and around 13% said they couldn’t find the money for it.

So what happens if an uninsured drivers has a crash? That they could face thousands of pounds in liability if they were in an accident; the reason why 17% of drivers without insurance leave the picture of an accident and leave the unfortunate other driver to pick up the check. If however you’ve had a motor unit vehicle accident with an uninsured driver which was not your fault the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) will offer help and settlement.

Obviously it’s not merely the financial cost that should concern us; a 1 / 4 of collisions involving an uninsured driver bring about someone being seriously injured or killed. Three people every week are killed by uninsured drivers, and you can’t put a price to a life. If perhaps the crackdown works it will save numerous lives.

Currently drivers who are driving a car they are not iunsured on are only prosecuted if they happen to be caught. Now the Motor unit Insurers’ Bureau and the DVLA will be informing owners of uninsured autos that is an offence to keep an uninsured car. If you are an uninsured driver of a Ford Fiesta in London be equipped for that notification though your home!