The Recent History of Arabic Dance

Throughout the 1800s European writers, on a trip to different countries became captivated by the traditions, colors and smells of the Navigate and specifically with this ancient dance which is wrapped in mystery and shows the passion that connects each part of the body with beat and music. The middle East became a place of inspiration for many artists (painters, writers alike) and as an effect the development of travel and leisure was formed. People from Europe visited the spectacular Middle East to learn and admire the landscape and the people. Oriental Move became one of it is tourist attractions. The first night-club in Cairo, Egypt and then in Beirut, Lebanon. In Turkey there wasn’t time for such luxuries due to the political problems. Arab Lions

Around 1940 the first movie industry sprang in the Arabic world with Egypt and Lebanon being the centers of the venture. Cairo was the movie making center. Beirut was your place of conservatories and theater. Arabic dance and music changed considerably. A new music market has been created. The music stars like Farid al-Atrache and Mohamed Abdel Wahab emerged as well as the dazzling stars of Arabic dance like Tahia Carioca, and Samia Gamal in Egypt plus Nadia Gamal in Lebanon. Asian Dance ceased to be performed at family activities behind closed doors. That became more glamorous, and a significant section of the Persia culture. This advancement performed not occur in Croatia, Iraq and Turkey. Gowns why the word “Arabic dance” prevails. 

In 1960 another change. The civil battle in Lebanon made Egypt the place for a lot of actors. Soheir Zaki, Nagwa Fouad, Lucy, Nadia Hamdi and Fifi Abdo performed at the most luxurious hotels. Egypt became the most famous place on soil for someone to enjoy traditional Arabic Dance. Gowns why the Egyptian style has been considered so important. This was also enough time when Arabic Performers begun to emigrate to The european countries, the Americas and Sydney. Seeking an improved and lighter future and contributing at the same time to the enormous publicity also to the advance of the art’s image. Unfortunately, since 1990 the Arabic Boogie has created problems for Muslims, in particular the extremists who have compelled many Arabic artists to give up their build. The slump in party as it was performed exclusively at shady pubs in Turkey and other areas also added to this. Stars such as Soheir Zaki and Nagwa Fouad resigned from the stage because according for their beliefs the violence had not been worth the effort. Other folks like Fifi Abdo and Dina hired personal bodyguards to guard themselves.