Twitter Tools For Product Managers

The world wide web is all abuzz about what exactly the heck Twitter is (a micro-blogging service), who should be using it (apparently everyone), and just how product mangers should get the most away from it (a tad tad unclear here). I’ve put in a while looking into these questions and i also feel that I’ve learned the answers that you need.

Some Background On Twits
So here’s the thing: Twitter is not the best thing since sliced up bread like a lot of people would have you think. Rather, it’s preferable to view it as being just another communications tool that you have at your removal. Something that all product managers need to realize is that not everyone is on/using Twitter. This kind of means that this funnel is merely suited to achieving certain people. 

It’s Certainly not All About who you are
Right up forward product managers need to realize that other Twitter updates (people who use Twitter) don’t really worry about you – instead the real really care about is your product. This means that independent of what you may well be doing personally on Twitter, you’ll need to build a separate Forums account for your product. Since Twitter accounts are free, this is not hard to do.

Tools For Keeping track of Tweets
One of the key questions that every product manager wants an answer to is “who is talking about my product? “. A great 3rd party tool that let’s you do this is known as TweetBeep.

With TweetBeep, you sign up for a free account and then you enter the words or phrases that you would like to read. TweetBeep will send you a fix every hour telling you that has tweeted using the expression that you are enthusiastic about (your product name for example).

Track Re-Tweets
In the world of Tweets, just as the real world, there is very little new. What this means for product managers is that tweets that contain a hyperlink often get re-tweeted multiple times. As a way to determine just how many people are hitting a website link that you tweet about, the company bit. off offers a service to do this.

Sharp-eyed viewers may recognize bit. off as an online service that you can use to create shorter types of long URLs. While it happens that tad. ly offers another free service lets you connect a brief code to your shortened links that can then allow you to track who click on the link and collect information on them such as where they are located.

A lot of Cooks Found in The Kitchen
Often each time a product manager sets up an individual Twitter account for his / her product, there will be multiple people within the company who will be in charge of using it and responding to other Tweets. This kind of can get confusing.

A service called CoTweet allows you to set up multiple queues for different users. When Tweets about your product are seen, then these tweets can be assigned to different queues so that different users can respond to them. This will help in stopping multiple overlapping responses.