Vicars Ban Wedding Photographers in Church

We’ve come to the summary which the Church of Britain and Amy Winehouse have a lot in common with one another – both have the potential to change the ground, yet both are heck bent on destroying themselves. affordable wedding photographer orange county ca

Below 12 months back the Archbishop of Canterbury passed a brand new ruling called the “Marriage Measures” it was designed to bring Church Marriages into the 21st Centuries. In quick, the couple no much longer had to show a direct reference to a specific church or parish. At last the any amount of money had dropped that lovers planned to marry in lovely churches and so the “Idyllic Churches” were liberated to offer their marital life services to all lovers. Congratulations I hear you cry, at last. The Church had seen the writing on the wall membrane and chose to compete with the registry office. A single budding Vicar has even started marketing his house of worship on Ebay, I really like that… no its not fresh, its pragmatic. 

However there appears to be a sinister risk to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s hopes for bringing in more couples to house of worship for their weddings. Right now there is an alarming craze which could end up being the dominant view in church unless ceased very soon. Worse still it is being integrated as swiftly and successfully as could only be achieved in a dictatorship.

The bride stands at the altar speaking the main words of her life so far, “I do”, and whilst she could have her personal memory, your woman has been banned from having any wedding images. With alarming regularity, dependable authority and without charm, Church Vicars are expressing “No” to wedding digital photography training during the marriage service.

To make matters more serious the couple often only find out at the rehearsal. The question then is who do you speak to? What do you do? The Vicar is the face of the church and often an impassable brick wall structure. I possess seen a Vicar leave the groom ranking at the Altar, take the bride to one side and let her know in no unclear terms, “No photography in my church”.

Before My spouse and i say anything I really need to share my qualifications. I may be an best rated photographer, and I am… But We were also a Baptist Minister (Vicar) for 10 years and possess a level in Theology (The review of God) from Oxford University and in those years I married lots of couples and managed many wedding photographers.

So why are Vicars banning wedding photography in church?

Very well it seems for 3 reasons:

1. The bad behaviour of photographers

2. Photography disrupts the service

3. Photography during a wedding service is simply irrelevant.