Why Most Forums Fail Within First Year Of Their Existence – Part 1

If perhaps one goes to a webmasters forum, one would invariably find threads from forum administrator how bad their forum are doing, that no-one wants to join them and old members are leaving or not posting as regularly as they used to. prepper forum

While there are several causes of the sudden land of your forum, I was going to discuss many of these issues in this two part article and let you know if your forum is destined to be a failure.
Beginning the forum for incorrect reasons… 

That’s right; We have always come across forums which were started out for reasons which are very likely to cause the discussion board to get corrupted without doubt. So before you make investments your money and reference in starting a community forum delve a little much deeper for the causes you want to start out it and if it is a main reason I have detailed below, then calm down and do some heart and soul searching before jumping the gun:

To return at another forum: This appears to be one of the major reasons why one perceives new forums sprouting up almost every day. Virtually all frequent than that dodgy members of a specifically large or moderately successful forum might become unhappy/distressed with the forum officer or their policy and decide to break away and start their own forum. Most often than not, forums like these don’t survive long and fail miserably.


That they fail because of a simple reason, propagating negativeness and hate almost never brings about permanent growth. Virtually all often than not, these forums become the ranting point for members of the larger forum and people join not to discuss issues which they felt ended uphad recently been ignored by the other forum but to hoe about this. This state usually doesn’t last long and most members though still unhappy get bored with the alternative and go back to posting at the older forum.

If perhaps you are one of those who want to get started on a forum because you are unhappy with the existing forum you’re participating in, then my suggestion would be not to try and become a replacement for the other community forum by copying every thing from it, instead try and bring some originality is a valuable to your forum. Help to make sure you don’t try to steal members from other forums; instead try to grow on your own by writing articles and addressing issue you felt were being disregarded by the older message boards administration.

To make easy money: Many fail to realize how resource and time consuming managing an online community can be. Many think on the basis of user made content they will rank well well in the serps and make some easy money. Well I acquired news for you; it is merely some time before you realize what you got yourself into.

Community forums are difficult to generate income from and achieving them to list well in SERPs is tougher than obtaining a blog or normal site to rank. Even though in many successful forums an manager usually doesn’t have to create most the content, in the initial stage (read 1-2 years) frequent hand holding and article marketing by the supervisor himself is required on an almost daily most basic along with promoting the forum through various programs.

Forums are also poor earnings generator unless you get a huge number of folks from search engines every day, since almost all of the regular visitors and customer rarely if ever simply click ads. Add to this, forums often need more resources to run when compared to a simple blog or a site which adds to the overall expenditure.
Latest novelty: Many nowadays start a forum because it is a latest fad and they feel being an administrator of an online community would be boastful on their behalf. With out having knowledge of the niche they start a forum and after a couple of months of doing it for fun, they all of a sudden recognize that it isn’t as fun as they first thought it could be. You will come across these people scouring through webmaster message boards asking for ideas or niche they could concentrate on, well let’s face it, if you can’t even produce the niche you need to focus on how do you expect to do well in it? This would be better if you stick to your job trying to become a contributing member in a forum you are enthusiastic about and maybe some day you will rise up to the rates high of moderator or even an administrator.