With the NewAir AI-100BK Or AI-100R Ice Maker, Have Ice Cubes Whenever You Need Them!

Lightweight ice makers are great gourmet items to show-off at your next get-together or party. Such products will also help you save time, money, and effort. Bet farewell to frantic works to their grocer for snow in the middle of a celebration or losing money on overpriced store ice – a light and portable ice maker gives you an endless supply of ice within minutes. ice maker under counter

Even though most modern refrigerators have built-in ice makers, they are often slow and may well not have the potential to produce larger numbers of ice at once. Because such, one of the most beneficial features of a light-weight ice dice machine is the reality it produces ice quickly. Once plugged in, simply roll in water, arranged your desired ice dice size, and the ice-making cycle will immediately start. In most cases, there is not any installation required. While these appliances are not designed to store large amounts of ice for lengthened periods of time, they can still produce ice cubes rapidly and are a welcome addition to any home, office, boat, or RV. 

Portable ice manufacturers come in a range of styles and sizes, so when choosing an unit, be aware of these details:

Ice Making Capabilities: While opposed to refrigerator ice cubes makers which can take up to 30 minutes to make a tiny group of ice, lightweight ice cubes makers take only minutes – anywhere from six to15. Pay attention to how quickly each glaciers making cycle takes, as well as how much ice can be produced in a day.

Simplicity of Use: Most lightweight ice makers including the NewAir AI-100BK or AI-100R are extremely simple to operate. In most cases, bottled or tap water is usually poured directly into the water reservoir. A lot of larger or commercial models may even be able to accommodate an immediate water line.

Ice Dice Size: Look for a lightweight ice maker with more than one snow cube size and/or form. A quality unit will most likely allow you to choose from three cube sizes – large, medium, or small. Some models may be able to produce different shapes of glaciers such as cubed or crushed.

Durability: Look for a lightweight ice developer that is sturdy. Metal steel or heavy-duty vinyl are both good selections in conditions of casing materials.

Appearance and Design and style: Select a lightweight ice cubes maker that goes best with your d? trompe and other home devices. Many commercial units can be quite large, so choosing the right size is important too. If perhaps you have limited kitchen space for storage, you’ll want to look for a small countertop model.

Easy to Clean: Being able to rinse out and clean your ice maker down if it’s no much longer in use makes life easier. However, some glaciers makers also come with “self-cleaning” functions and/or aspect mounted drains. This will allow you to easily empty out any empty water from the fish tank.

Recommended Models: Our product team recently came across two new lightweight products from NewAir – the AI-100BK and AI-100R. These types of ultra-modern units have the ability to make up to 35 pounds of ice per day in three lengths. Available in either black or red, these eye-catching, counter-top devices are not only effective, nevertheless they also look great sitting in your kitchen. Best of all, the NewAir AI-100BK and AI-100R do not require immediate plumbing. Just fill the reservoir with water and ice is made in as little as 12-15 minutes!