Yoga and Restless Leg Syndrome

Sleepless leg syndrome is a problem that causes not comfortable, urgent feelings in the body. It is considered a neurological sleep disorder. People that have restless leg symptoms may have a variety of symptoms including an insatiable need to maneuver or shake the legs, a crawling sensation, or a tickling or itching sense. Many people with sleepless leg syndrome also experience twitching or jerking of the limbs during sleeping. Sensations are not limited to the legs, and may affect the biceps and triceps or even limbs that contain been amputated. The cause of restless leg problem is uncertain, but also in some cases, there may be a connection to straightener levels in blood. Selected medications have been proven to cause or bring about tired leg syndrome, as well. yoga leggings

Solutions for Flare-ups

By this time, there is no known cure for restless leg syndrome. The most common treatments include a daily light exercise routine, cutting out caffeine and other stimulants, and establishing a more good sleep environment. In addition to yogic practices being used as daily exercise, particular asanas can help relieve the indications of restless leg syndrome. End of day yoga and meditation routines can ensure that the sufferer create a stable evening and relaxed mind for bed time. 

Virasana, or Hero’s create, is excellent for being able to help with symptoms of tired leg syndrome. Since there are numerous modifications, it is accessible for the new practitioner and the seasoned yoga student equally. If it is unavailable for the buttocks to rest on the floor, the practitioner can take a seat on a bolster, pillow case, or folded blankets. The prop you decide on can slip between your legs and rest under your pelvis. Knee pain can even be tackled with a towel at the rear of the knee or by bringing the practitioner’s pelvis up higher off the ground with a reinforce as mentioned before. The pose can be kept during meditation, or as the practitioner watches television set in the evening.

Hip and legs up the Wall cause is good for assisting circulation within the thighs. The pose should be held for five to twenty minutes, depending on relieve of the pose for the practitioner. If there is discomfort in your back, a bolster or baby blanket can be put under the small of the back. The legs can be held at a right angle to the body or can be moved into butterfly with your toes touching and the knees folded away and away from centerline. These yoga asanas can be helpful as a morning hours practice, to help put together the body for a proper day.


Although I possess covered less than a handful of asanas, any yoga posture that launches nervous energy from the legs is suitable. Asanas like Standing Forward Flex, Downward Dog, and Empress Pose release tension and nervous energy from the entire body. If energy is constructively released from the body, it will improve your chances for less restless lower leg syndrome flare ups and a healthy sleep period.